1. Fireworks fly as anti-government protesters clash with police in Beirut  The Telegraph
  2. Scores wounded as security forces, protesters clash in Beirut  GMA News
  3. Beirut turns into a battleground as clashes escalate  Al Jazeera English
  4. At Least 114 People Injured in Beirut Anti-Government Protests as Violence Escalates  TIME
  5. Clashes Shake Beirut as Anti-Government Protests Explode in Violence  The New York Times
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Bodies of Ukrainian victims of Iran plane crash repatriated  Al Jazeera EnglishView full coverage on Google News
  1. Commander Khalifa Haftar's forces choke Libya's oil flow  Aljazeera.com
  2. Libya summit to call for sanctions if ceasefire violated, draft agreement says  CNN
  3. International Powers Call for Cease-Fire in Libya’s Long Civil War  The New York Times
  4. Turkey, Russia and the Libyan conundrum  Al Jazeera English
  5. Western leaders have disregarded Libya for years – these peace talks are too little, too late  The Independent
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  1. Dentist Who Pulled Out Tooth Whilst On Hoverboard Is Found Guilty Of $1.9million Fraud  LADbible
  2. A dentist was filmed extracting a tooth while on a hoverboard. He was found guilty on 46 counts  CNN
  3. A dentist was filmed extracting a tooth while on a hoverboard. He was just convicted on 46 counts  msnNOW
  4. Dentist Who Pulled Teeth While Riding Hoverboard Convicted  Newser
  5. 'Hoverboard dentist' guilty of Medicaid fraud, 'unlawfal dental acts'  New York Daily News
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  1. Toll in Attack on Yemen Military Base Rises to at Least 76  The New York Times
  2. Dozens of Yemeni soldiers killed in Marib military camp attack  Al Jazeera English
  3. 80 soldiers killed by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen  CNN
  4. Yemen war: At least 80 soldiers killed in missile attack  BBC News
  5. Houthis blamed after scores of Yemen soldiers killed in attack  Al Jazeera English
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  1. FORECAST: Cold temperatures, wind in the forecast  WFSB 3
  2. Lake effect snow continues tonight, bitter cold returns  WBNG-TV
  3. Cloudy Days Ahead With a Chance of Rain  KSBW Action News 8
  4. Global Forecast-Celsius  Taiwan News
  5. FORECAST: Snow covers entire state  WFSB 3
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  1. South China Sea crisis: How Iran feud and Australia fires could help China dominate  Express.co.uk
  2. China admits fishing in Indonesian-claimed waters  ABS-CBN News
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  1. Indian bakers aim for Guinness World Record with 6.5-km cake  GMA News
  2. Sweet! Indian bakers make world's 'longest' cake  INQUIRER.net
  3. Indian bakers rise to task of making world’s ‘longest’ cake  The Guardian
  4. World's 'Longest' Cake, Courtesy 1,500 Kerala Bakers, Chefs  NDTV News
  5. Indians bake the world's 'longest cake'  BBC News
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  1. YouTube steering viewers to climate denial videos: nonprofit  ABS-CBN News
  2. YouTube Has Been 'Actively Promoting' Videos Spreading Climate Denialism, According to New Report  TIME
  3. YouTube ads of 100 top brands fund climate misinformation – study  The Guardian
  4. YouTube steers viewers to climate denial videos: nonprofit  Arab News
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  1. Audio of Warren and Sanders postdebate exchange in Iowa  Business Insider
  2. Sanders faces front-runner scrutiny in US Democratic presidential debate  GMA News
  3. Progressive groups call for unity as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders feud  CNN
  4. Warren and Klobuchar Teach the Boys a Lesson  The New York Times
  5. It Matters That Elizabeth Warren Is a Woman. Why Do So Many on the Left Insist That It Doesn't?  TIME
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  1. Rain and hail pelt fire-ravaged Australian states, bringing new risks -- and potential relief  CNN
  2. Relief as rain falls over Australian bushfires  ABS-CBN News
  3. Rain, flash floods and thunderstorms sweep over Melbourne  The Guardian
  4. Heaviest downpour in MONTHS to come this weekend as rain bomb giving firefighters much-needed hope  Daily Mail
  5. Thunderstorms sweep across Australia's bushfire-ravaged east coast  ABS-CBN News
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  1. Ukraine launches criminal investigation into alleged surveillance of US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch  Business Insider
  2. Giuliani associate implicates Trump in Ukraine scheme  CNN
  3. Lev Parnas, Key Player in Ukraine Affair, Completes Break With Trump and Giuliani  The New York Times
  4. Ukraine launches probe into alleged surveillance of former US envoy  Rappler
  5. Trump 'knew exactly what was going on' in Ukraine: Giuliani aide  Al Jazeera English
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Why fishing boats are on the front lines of the South China Sea  South China Morning PostView full coverage on Google News
LIST: 67 countries that offer visa-free access to Philippine passport holders  GMA NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. Veteran firefighter Bill Slade mourned as calmer conditions help Australia's fireys  The Guardian
  2. Victorian bushfires still burning at emergency level despite rain bringing relief  7NEWS.com.au
  3. Emergency bushfire warning issued for Victorian blazes  
  4. Australian bushfires live: Firefighter dies in Vic, Scott Morrison's plan for royal commission  NEWS.com.au
  5. Emergency bushfire warning issued for blaze in Victoria's Alpine region  Sky News Australia
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  1. Third Teenager Arrested In Deadly Robbery Beating For $1  CBS New York
  2. NYPD arrests two teen suspects in fatal beating of man robbed of $1  CNN
  3. 14-Year-Old Arrested In Connection To Fatal Christmas Eve Attack, Robbery  CBS New York
  4. Third Teen Arrested in Beating Death of NYC Man for $1 on Christmas Eve  NBC New York
  5. NYPD arrests two teen suspects in fatal beating and $1 robbery  msnNOW
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  1. Four wounded in attack on Iraqi military base that houses US forces  ABS-CBN News
  2. 4 Iraqi servicemen wounded by rocket attack on air base  INQUIRER.net
  3. Rockets hit Iraq military base near Baghdad amid US-Iran tensions  Al Jazeera English
  4. Iranians will pay the price for their country’s standoff with the US  The Independent
  5. Iraq warns of ‘collapse’ if Trump blocks oil cash  GMA News
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  1. LIST: Flight cancellations due to Taal Volcano eruption  CNN Philippines
  2. Cebu-Manila-Cebu flights cancelled Sunday night, 2 international flights diverted to Cebu due to Taal eruption  INQUIRER.net
  3. MCIA, NAIA flights cancelled due to Taal ash explosion  Sun.Star
  4. Jo Koy postpones Cebu show following airport shutdown due to ashfall  ABS-CBN News
  5. More Cebu-Manila-Cebu flights cancelled due to Taal eruption  INQUIRER.net
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  1. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa seeks 'special woman' for trip around moon  The Guardian
  2. Wanted: Girlfriend to fly to the Moon with Japanese billionaire  GMA News
  3. Yusaku Maezawa: Japanese billionaire seeks 'life partner' for Moon voyage  BBC News
  4. Japanese billionaire seeks girlfriend for trip around moon  The Independent
  5. Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend to join him on a flight around the moon  Daily Mail
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  1. UK parliament finally rubber stamps Brexit in no-fuss vote  CNN
  2. UK lawmakers back EU exit deal, turning page on Brexit crisis  GMA News
  3. British lawmakers finally approve historic Brexit deal  ABS-CBN News
  4. The Guardian view on the Brexit talks: time to get real  The Guardian
  5. Anyone who thinks they understand Boris Johnson could be in for a surprise  The Guardian
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A majority of Nigerians and Kenyans have confidence in President Trump, according to Pew research  CNN InternationalView full coverage on Google News
  1. Trump proposes change to environmental rules to speed up highway projects, pipelines and more  The Washington Post
  2. Trump viewed negatively in many countries; support highest in Philippines  INQUIRER.net
  3. The world trusts Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping more than Trump  CNN
  4. Filipinos show highest confidence in Trump —Pew research  GMA News
  5. Low Trust In Trump Outside of US, New Survey Finds  TIME
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  1. Senate Republicans are united as they brace for articles of impeachment  CNN
  2. We've Upped the Ante.' Why Nancy Pelosi Is Going All in Against Trump  TIME
  3. House Democratic chair walks back call for Pelosi to send impeachment articles to Senate  CNN
  4. Subpoena John Bolton  The New York Times
  5. President Mitch McConnell  The New York Times
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Civilian Planes Shot Down: A Grim History  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
  1. Boeing Employees Mocked F.A.A. in Internal Messages  The New York Times
  2. Boeing releases flood of troubling internal documents related to 737 Max  CNN
  3. Internal Boeing emails between employees reveal safety concerns: NYT  Business Insider
  4. Internal Boeing messages raise serious questions about 737 Max  The Guardian
  5. Boeing's 737 Max simulator 'designed by clowns and supervised by monkeys', employee said  Telegraph.co.uk
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De Lima among Canadian humanitarian group's 'Sheroes of 2019'  INQUIRER.netView full coverage on Google News
  1. Hong Kong stocks drop most in a month as Middle East tension rises  South China Morning Post
  2. 'Return to right path' Beijing's new envoy tells Hong Kong  ABS-CBN News
  3. New top China official in HK brings wishes from 'motherland'  INQUIRER.net
  4. New man from Beijing signals Hong Kong policy shift  South China Morning Post
  5. In Hong Kong's tranquil borderlands, two systems co-exist  ABS-CBN News
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  1. Lawyers for Weinstein, accusers speak following start of sexual assault trial  Global News
  2. Weinstein sex crimes trial set to open in New York  ABS-CBN News
  3. Harvey Weinstein trial begins for sexual assault charges  ABC News
  4. Harvey Weinstein Faces New Rape, Sexual Assault Charges In LA As Mogul's NYC Criminal Trial Begins  Gothamist
  5. Weinstein's reckoning: Trial looms 2 years after #MeToo wave  INQUIRER.net
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  1. Guaidó tries to climb over fence to enter assembly - BBC News  BBC News
  2. Guaido and rival both claim to be Venezuela's parliament speaker  Rappler
  3. Venezuela's Guaido blocked from Congress in crucial vote  Al Jazeera English
  4. Guaido re-elected Venezuela parliament speaker by opposition lawmakers  GMA News
  5. Venezuela crisis: Two lawmakers claim Speaker role  BBC News
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  1. Iran news live: Latest updates as Trump doubles down on threat to attack cultural sites  The Independent
  2. Mourners pack Iran city as top general's remains return  INQUIRER.net
  3. Iran plotting to target Brits on holiday with fears hotels to be hit in terror attacks  Express.co.uk
  4. The Observer view on the assassination of Qassem Suleimani  The Guardian
  5. Suleimani’s death is a huge blow to Iran’s plans for regional domination  The Guardian
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  1. Wide range of topics on the table, as Japanese foreign minister to visit PH  ABS-CBN News
  2. DFA's Locsin, Chinese envoy discuss oil and gas devt in New Year meet  GMA News
  3. Japan Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu to make 1st official visit to PH  Rappler
  4. Top PH diplomat welcomes 2020 with Chinese envoy  ABS-CBN News
  5. Locsin, new Chinese envoy discuss project opportunities for 2020  INQUIRER.net
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  1. Fox News Host Says Woman Who Grabbed Pope Francis' Hand 'Deserved to Get Choked Out By His Security Guards'  Newsweek
  2. Pope's bodyguards criticized over slapping incident  Philippine Star
  3. Pope: Governments Must Ensure All Have Access to Health Care  The New York Times
  4. Tony Norman: Pope Francis' Vatican City smackdown  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  5. Take-Aways from the Pope's "Great Swat" of New Year's 2020  Crux: Covering all things Catholic
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  1. How Indonesia-China spat could toughen ASEAN stance on code of conduct  ABS-CBN News
  2. Indonesia boosts patrols after Chinese boat 'trespasses' in its waters  The Straits Times
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  1. China took their parents: the Uighur refugee children of Turkey  ABS-CBN News
  2. China has destroyed more than 100 Uighur Muslim graveyards, satellite images show  The Independent
  3. Satellite images reveal more than 100 Uighur graveyards have been demolished by Chinese authorities  Daily Mail
  4. More than 100 Uyghur graveyards demolished by Chinese authorities, satellite images show  CNN
  5. Satellite Images Show China Demolished More Than 100 Uyghur Cemeteries, Most Over Past Two Years  Newsweek
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  1. Thursday Overnight Forecast Jan 2, 2020  FOX 17 WXMI
  2. TX Houston/Galveston TX Zone Forecast  Chron.com
  3. Thursday Evening Pinpoint Forecast  KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
  4. Some wetter weather coming our way  WBNG-TV
  5. Cold front bringing chilly winds and keeping the clouds in place  The Dallas Morning News
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  1. Volunteer firefighter dies in 'fire tornado', bringing bushfire death toll to nine  Sky News Australia
  2. NSW bushfires: Father and son confirmed dead in Cobargo as premier issues desperate plea  7NEWS.com.au
  3. Wildfires Rage Across Australia as Sydney Fireworks Set to Go Ahead  TIME
  4. NSW fires LIVE: Two dead, multiple emergency warnings issued by RFS as blazes burn across state on New Years Eve  The Sydney Morning Herald
  5. Australia fires live: two dead in Cobargo as NSW and Victoria face bushfires threat – latest updates  The Guardian
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  1. Another OFW killed in Kuwait; outraged DFA summons Kuwaiti ambassador  INQUIRER.net
  2. Filipina allegedly killed by employer's wife in Kuwait  ABS-CBN News
  3. Locsin demands justice for OFW slain in Kuwait, wants head of employer’s wife  GMA News
  4. PH condemns killing of yet another Filipina domestic worker in Kuwait  Rappler
  5. Another Pinay maid killed in Kuwait — DFA  GMA News
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  1. Taiwan lawmakers likely to pass anti-infiltration bill ahead of elections  South China Morning Post
  2. Taiwan's citizens battle pro-China fake news campaigns as election nears  The Guardian
  3. Cross-strait ties a key focus of Taiwan presidential debate  The Straits Times
  4. Tsai Ing-wen says Taiwan faces 'threat' from Beijing ahead of presidential election  South China Morning Post
  5. Ahead of election, Taiwan president calls China 'biggest threat'  Aljazeera.com
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Indonesia protests to China over border intrusion near South China Sea  InterAksyonView full coverage on Google News
  1. North Korea's Kim calls for 'offensive measures'  The Straits Times
  2. White House warns N. Korea over 'Christmas gift' threat  INQUIRER.net
  3. What is Kim planning on denuclearisation talks?  Al Jazeera English
  4. World War 3: US threatens immediate retaliation if North Korea resumes missile testing  Express.co.uk
  5. North Korea keeps world guessing with long party meeting as Kim stresses need for 'offensive' measures  The Straits Times
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  1. Putin thanks Trump for thwarting New Year attacks  The Straits Times
  2. Trump, Putin Discussed Russia Attack, Arms Control On Call: White House  NDTV News
  3. Dramatic moment Russian security services swoop on terror suspects 'plotting New Year's attack'  Daily Mail
  4. Sooner or later, even Vladimir Putin's luck will run out  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. For two decades the West has appeased Putin as he turned Russia into a neo-Soviet kleptocracy  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. Thousands trapped on Australia beach encircled by fire  Manila Bulletin
  2. Mallacoota bushfire: thousands evacuate to sea as Victorian town burns  Guardian News
  3. Thousands evacuated from Australian tourist haven as bushfires rage  ABS-CBN News
  4. Australia fires: Fires worsen as every Australian state hits 40C - BBC News  BBC News
  5. 'The fire is engulfing the house!' Family flee NSW holiday home as giant flames approach deck  TVNZ
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  1. Hong Kong police hunt for six people who ‘set fire to government office’  South China Morning Post
  2. Hong Kong braces for fresh protests during new year festivities  The Guardian
  3. 'Persist in 2020': Hong Kong gears up for New Year countdown unrest  ABS-CBN News
  4. An opportunity to cure Hong Kong economy’s addiction to Chinese tourists  South China Morning Post
  5. How Xi, Lam and protesters can give Hongkongers a happy 2020  South China Morning Post
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  1. Texas church shooting: Shooter killed by churchgoer named  BBC News
  2. Firearms instructor took out gunman at Texas church service  INQUIRER.net
  3. Moment hero 'former FBI agent' shot dead gunman who opened fire inside a packed Texas church  Daily Mail
  4. Gunman Opens Fire During Texas Church Service, Is Shot Dead By Churchgoers | TIME  TIME
  5. Texas gun laws saved lives in church attack — Trump  INQUIRER.net
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  1. Lord mayor defends Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks, attacking climate inaction  Guardian News
  2. Heatwave fans bushfires ahead of New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney  ABS-CBN News
  3. Here are some friendly reminders to keep your pets safe during New Year's Eve  INQUIRER.net
  4. Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks to go ahead despite protests  BBC News
  5. Asian Insider Dec 30: Australia's New Year's Eve fireworks threatened; scientist who genetically edited babies jailed, Taiwan politicians debate China  The Straits Times
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